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We’re not just Midlife Mentors…

In a previous life we both had corporate roles in London and having been in the corporate world before starting multi-award winning 38 Degrees North in 2012, we know what it’s like and what’s needed to help employees and executives be healthy and happy.

We believe there’s a growing need for simple, balanced and uncomplicated strategies that dramatically improve the physical and mental health of employees and positively impact productivity.

Even before Covid, one survey found that the UK workforce had the highest rate of unhappiness of all countries surveyed. It’s no surprise then that 15 million days are lost due to stress or mental health related issues.

With research showing that happy employees are 12% more productive and take fewer sick days AND that companies with a culture of positivity and happy employees outperform competitors by 20%, it’s time to address the mental health of your organisation and give them a culture and community of support and positivity?

On the physical side 61% of the UK workforce feel concerned about their health and with 62% of the population obese or overweight, organisations are in a powerful position to create long term change for the nation. But they need guidance, support and above all – results.

As experts in nutrition, fitness, peak performance and self development, we are the perfect partners to deliver impactful workplace wellness programmes – with our personable, educational and back to basics approach.

We are passionate about bringing health and happiness not only to the workplace, but into the hands of employees. We take a holistic approach providing programmes that work for the  body and mind – enabling individuals to operate at their highest potential and thrive like never before.

They say our health is our wealth, but years of imbalanced living, environmental stress, physical inactivity and poor health are now the new norm. We may be living longer but the quality of that life is questionable.

There’s never been a more important time to help organisations and employees with their physical and mental health.

We bring almost 3 decades of experience combining psychology, stress management, NLP, hypnosis, life coaching, executive coaching, personal training and nutrition, plus our own experience of working in a corporate environment.

Corporate clients we have worked with include CitiBank, KPMG, NBC Universal, AkzoNobel, Sodexo, Cisco, Morrisons, Ignis and more…


Our Clients Past & Present Include:



We’ve coached executives over the past ten years and bring a wealth of qualifications, experience and real world thinking to drive real results for high performers. Available for individuals, teams or small groups.


All of our packages include employee access to our coaching app, an initial on-boarding webinar or in-person workshop, account management and additional workshops/webinars.


We host workshops, talks and webinars (online and in person) across a range of health and wellbeing subjects. Example topics include:

Stress Management For Optimal Performance

Our Body: The Key to Extraordinary Success

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The Truth about Sleep and Successful Living

Mindset Mastery for Sustainable Wellness

Movement, Mindset and Emotion

Busting Nutrition Myths

The Science of Sustainable Health

Building Mental Resilience


We bring our multi-award winning 10 years of experience running luxury retreats to organising activities for corporate clients – from half days through to multi-day events.

“No person may achieve outstanding success, without good health”

Napoleon Hill


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