Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your typical clients?
Our clients are busy men and women aged between 40 and 65 who want to regain control of their lives, transition to a healthier lifestyle and feel comfortable in their own skin – without huge sacrifices.

Often what they used to do no longer works, they’re struggling to lose weight and feel frustrated with the yo-yo dieting and lack of progress. They want to increase their energy levels, feel less tired and keep up with the demands of life. They feel now is the time to bring balance to their lives and understand the importance health plays in their future happiness.

Our clients range from busy mums and dads, to successful entrepreneurs, to senior corporate executives. One thing they tend to have in common is that they’re time-poor, feel overwhelmed and are sick of their all or nothing approach to their mental and physical wellbeing. They want something sustainable.

What about the menopause?
Our female clients are either peri-menopausal, going through menopause or post menopausal. Our programme offers the lifestyle modifications needed to help manage symptom – in a holistic, balanced way.

Men too can experience something called the andropause. We’re both qualified practitioners in menopause management and hormones, and this is key to understanding what’s really going on with the midlife body and what to do to work with it, rather than against it.

We also appreciate that in midlife we have more pressures than ever before with hectic lifestyles. We may be raising children, managing our career, our home, have ageing parents, travel, an active social life…and The Midlife Method programme considers all these demands so it fits in with your life, not hinder it.

I’m really tight on time – will it still work for me?
Absolutely. One of our mantra’s is less is more! That’s because we apply science to everything we do, including workouts. So short, effective exercise is the absolute focus of our approach. We’ve had people running multi-national companies across different time zones succeeding because they found our approach so easy to integrate into their lives.

Also remember this is about coaching you to create a lifestyle you can sustain so the results and knowledge are yours for life.

Do I need equipment or a gym membership?
You can do this at home, or at the gym. It depends on your plan but we suggest kettle bells and bands as you progress, but even water bottles are perfect to begin with. If you’re a gym member, then no problem, on the Premium version we’ll design a bespoke programme for you.

Do you have male and female workouts?
Yes we do. When you purchase you’ll have the option of then picking either the female or male orientated package with the workouts tailored accordingly.

Do I have to follow a specific diet?
No! We’re totally opposed to “diets” and won’t get you following a strict meal plan. Simply following a diet or meal plan won’t educate you on how to integrate healthy eating habits into your every day life. Our programme empowers you via 8 weeks of nutritional coaching to make balanced choices for your goals – while still enjoying the things you love.

We’ll coach you through changing your relationship with food. You’ll begin to make consistent healthy improvements that are sustainable and that will get you the results you want.

This is about long term change so you can enjoy life with confidence – knowing how to fuel yourself and not beat yourself up over those splurge meals or drinks.

So who do your programmes work for?
Our programme works for busy people over 40 looking for a total reset from the inside out. It’s for midlifers looking for a convenient, flexible, simple approach that helps them regain control of their body, mind and life and for those wishing to feel a sense of positivity and excitement for the future.

This plan has given mid lifers the toolkit for long term, sustainable health and happiness. The accountability and focus it provides gets phenomenal results.

Of course – fat loss and muscle toning is great and this plan delivers those results, but The Midlife Method is so much more than training and nutrition.

Our qualifications and background span psychology, coaching, stress management, NLP… so it stands to reason we educate clients on the internal shifts necessary for sustainable change.

The one thing most approaches fail to address are the mindset and emotional wellbeing strategies. This is the fundamental difference of The Midlife Method to everything else out there. You’ll understand how to manage your emotions, build mental resilience and reach your fullest potential.

How quickly can I expect results?
Everyone is different, and everyone is starting from a different place, so this is hard to answer. The more you adhere to what we show you – in mind and body, – the faster and better the result. However, this is a lifestyle shift not a quick fix. Quick fixes never last. And remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint – so try to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Some clients will lose half a stone in the first 2-3 weeks. Some won’t see much change for 4 weeks but then accelerate towards the end. What ALL clients see after 8 weeks are significant losses in body fat, huge increases in energy, confidence, strength, vitality and positivity.

Please check out our Happy Clients section to see what real people just like you have said.

Do I need to be fit already?
No, absolutely not. There are options for everyone from complete beginner to intermediate and high levels of fitness. If you’re on the Premium version we’ll be designing your training with you – totally bespoke. Everyone becomes fitter throughout the 8 weeks and often amaze themselves with the rapid change.

I’ve tried lots of things before, and nothing’s worked, why will this be different?
This is different because it’s NOT simply a workout and eating plan. It’s so, so much more. It’s for people who are sick of self sabotage and the all or nothing, yo yo approach and want to change their health and happiness for good.

This is a complete life reset – ensuring the quality of your life is dramatically improved.

Once your 8 weeks are over, you will have a easy to implement toolkit of everything you need to consciously direct our health and happiness. However – we do offer ongoing support for accountability purposes and we’re proud to say we still have clients with us after two years – not because they need us, but because they love being part of our community.

What are your qualifications?
We’d rather be judged by our life changing results but we also know qualifications matter.

We not only have an wide range of qualifications (see below) between us, but more importantly we have years of experience in the field of mental and physical health – three decades combined in fact. We don’t just know why things create change, but we know how to apply it.

Between us we’ve trained thousands of clients and as well as both being qualified Personal Trainers we have qualifications including a Masters in Applied Psychology, Stress Management Consultant, Mastercoach, Personality Profiling, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Sports Nutrition, Hormone Specialist, Gut Health Specialist and Menopause Specialist…

It’s understanding how all these parts work together holistically for lasting success.

We’re also mid-lifers ourselves, and this is how we live our lives. Plus we’re able to bring a balanced male and female perspective to all we do.

So how does the programme all work?

Once you sign up you’ll download your Midlife Mentors app. Everything happens in there (it’s also accessible online but is optimised for our app). It’s all scheduled for you so you don’t have to think about a thing: workouts, progress tracking, habit coaching, nutritional coaching, mindset workshops.

All you need to do is look at your app each day to see what you’re doing. It’s on demand on any device – so if you’re tight on time you can do workouts and workshops whenever they suit your schedule. This is what clients love – the balance between structure AND flexibility.

When do my workouts start?
The workouts always start on a Monday. So if you’ve joined mid way through the week, you won’t be doing any movement/ exercise for a few days! There’s plenty to get on with though that will make sure you hit the ground running – and all information you need will be dropped into the app at the right time.

What about support?
We’re like a coach in your pocket- always there for you every step of the way! Plus we host group calls every fortnight on zoom for you to ask questions and share wins and challenges. If you can’t make the call we send out the recording.

We also have our fabulous private Facebook Group where other clients hang out and where we hang out, answering questions, helping you with challenges and celebrating wins. You can also email and message us throughout the programme.

What’s the difference between the Standard and Premium Programmes?

The two programmes are both 8 weeks. The teachings and schedules are broadly the same. The main difference is regarding the workouts. In the Standard programme you’ll have a midlife specific workout programme that helps clients achieve phenomenal results.

On the Premium programme we’ll jump on 2 consultation calls to design your programme – completely tailored and bespoke to you. This is ideal for an extra level of accountability which turbocharges your success. You’ll also have a personalised weekly in-app check ins – looking at your nutrition and overall progress, which means you have extra support and guidance when needed.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

We’d love to welcome you on board and take you on a journey to the best version of you.

Simply click the Apply Now button on our hompage then the I’m Ready To Sign Up Now button on the next page or CLICK HERE and complete the full or payment plan option for the Standard Programme.

You’ll see an option to Upgrade if you wish to join the Premium programme.

It’s that simple. If you have more questions then don’t hesitate to book in for a free discovery call (details in main menu) and we’ll have a chat about whether this is the right next step for you to take.